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MONOPOLY - Classic Board Game
MONOPOLY - Classic Board Game

MONOPOLY - Classic Board Game

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Name MONOPOLY - Classic Board Game
Publisher Marmalade Game Studio
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Size 550 MB
Update Jul 12, 2023
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MONOPOLY - Classic Board Game is the most famous version in the MONOPOLY - Classic Board Game series of publisher Marmalade Game Studio
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What is Monopoly APK

Monopoly is a classic dice board game played by several players whereas Monopoly APK is the digital version of the original board game and can be played on mobile devices. This game is known for very engaging gameplay. This game has a different reputation as all generations have gone through playing this game in their childhood. In this article, we are going to discuss everything about this game.


The Monopoly game h=journey started in the early 20th century. The game was first patented by Elizabeth Magie as Landlord’s Game. The purpose to promote this game was financial education and economic theories. As the game evolved in 1930 Parker brothers got rights on this game and they renamed this game as Monopoly.

Monopoly in the Digital Age

In this digital era, the classic board game has found its online version where players can play this game using their smartphones, computers, and other electronic gadgets. This online game connects people from all over the world. This game also has a multiplayer mode where you can play this game with your friends and family.

Features of Monopoly MOD APK

The Complete Collection:

This game gives you 10 different board themes and the best part is all of them are unlocked already. In this game you get

Atlantis Board

Untitled Design _39_

Enchanted Forest Board

Untitled Design _38_

Transilvania Board

Untitled Design _41_

Newyork 2121 Board

Untitled Design _40_

Cherry blossom Tokyo board

Untitled Design (43)

L.A. Monstropolice board

Untitled Design (44)

Paris, La Belle Epoque Board

Untitled Design (45)

1935 Atlantic City Board

Untitled Design (47)

Snowdrop Valley Board.

Untitled Design (46)

4 Different Dices.

In this game, you get 4 different designs for dice and all are unlocked and owned already.

American Dice

Untitled Design _1_

Lava Dice

Untitled Design

Golden Dice

Untitled Design _3_

Blossom Dice

Untitled Design _2_

15 Amazing Token Bundles

This game has 15 token bundles to choose from. So players can choose different token bundles according to their mood or taste.

American Tokens Bundle.

American Tokens Bundle.

Earth Day Tokens Bundle

Earth Day Tokens Bundle

Atlantis Tokens Bundle

Atlantis Tokens Bundle

Vintage tokens Bundle

Vintage tokens Bundle

Childhood Champians Tokens Bundle

Childhood Champians Tokens Bundle

Enchanted Forest Tokens Bundle

Enchanted Forest Tokens Bundle

Transylvania Tokens Bundle

Transylvania Tokens Bundle

New York 2121 Tokens Bundle

New York 2121 Tokens Bundle

Cherry Blossoms Tokyo Tokens Bundle

Cherry Blossoms Tokyo Tokens Bundle

Victorian London Tokens Bundle

Victorian London Tokens Bundle

L.A Monstropolis Tokens Bundle

L.A Monstropolis Tokens Bundle

Sore Losers Tokens Bundle

Sore Losers Tokens Bundle

Paris, La Belle Epoque Tokens Bundle

Paris, La Belle Epoque Tokens Bundle

1936 Atlantic City Tokens Bundle

1936 Atlantic City Tokens Bundle

Snowdrop Valley Tokens Bundle

Snowdrop Valley Tokens Bundle

So and all 10 amazing original themes, plus all 15 unique tokens bundles with international, classic properties are unlocked.

Rules Of Monopoly MOD APK

How to Win

You just move around the board buying as many properties including streets, stations, utilities, etc as much as you can and as fast as you can. Each player starts at $1500. As you keep buying more properties you get more rent in returns. If you are the last player and all players are gone bankrupt you win the game.

On your Turn

  • Roll the dice
    • Your token will move forward with the number of spaces.
  • Where Did You Land
    • If you Landed on a street, you will have the chance to buy that property (if unowned) or you will have to pay rent to the property owner.
    • If you landed on an action space, you will have to take the relevant action.
  • If you rolled a double, You get another chance to roll the dice.
  • If you roll a double 3 times in a row you go to jail. To get out of jail you need to roll double again or pay $50.
  • After moving you can manage your properties by trading buying and selling, and mortgaging/ unmortgaging. All these actions are performed only in your turn.
  • When you are done with your actions you can end your turn by clicking end your turn button.

Board Specs


Unowned streets

When you land on a street that no one owns, you must buy it or auction it.

Owned Streets

When you land on a street that belongs to someone else, you must pay the rent.

Collect Color sets to build houses


To build the house you need to collect the color set means you need to buy 3 properties of the same color.

Color set

Rent goes up on each street as soon as you complete the set.

If you buy houses rent goes up even more.

you can also upgrade the hotels


These are the same as streets, except that houses and hotels canni=ot be built on stations.

Rent depends on how many stations the owner has

1 station = $25 RENT

2 stations = $50 RENT

3 stations = $100 RENT

4 stations = $200 RENT


These are like streets, except that houses and hotels cannot be built on utilities.

Rent is based on the dice roll that landed the player on the utility. If the owner has 1 utility, rent is 4X the dice roll. If the player has the 2 utilities. rent is 10X the dice roll.

Action Specs


If you land any of these, you will be taken to jail immediately, and you will not get any turn to roll dice.

You still collect rent, take part in auctions, buy hotels and houses while in jail

How do I get Out Of Jail?

When you start your turn in jail you have 3 options

  1. Play $50 then get a chance to roll a dice and move as normal.
  2. Use the get-out-of-jail-free card, then roll dice and move as normal.
  3. Try to roll double. if you fail to roll double on dice 3 times in a row you have to pay $50 and move as normal.


Building Houses

As soon as you get a color set, You can start buying Houses on Those streets. You must build evenly. You can not build a second house on a street until you have bought one on each street in the set. You can have only $ houses on a street.

Building Hotels

Once you have 4 Houses on all streets in the complete color set, you can pay for the upgrade to the hotels. You can have only one hotel per street. You can add more houses.

Mortgaged properties

You can not build on a street if any street in its color set is mortgaged. Rent cannot be collected on properties that are mortgaged. However the increased rent level; can be collected on the unmortgaged streets in a color set. The increased rent on unmortgaged stations and utilities may be collected in the same way.

No buildings Left

In this game, there are 32 houses available for purchase from the bank. If there is no house left, everything is sold out then you will have to wait for someone to upgrade to a hotel or sell some houses back to the bank.


If any player land on an unowned street, station or utility and doesn’t want to buy it then Mr. MONOPOLY will auction it.

In an auction, all players can participate. the player who pays or bids more will win the auction. If no one is interested to buy the property then the property remains unsold.

Deals And Trades

You can buy, sell or swap property with other players when it is your turn.

You must sell all buildings on a color set to the bank before you can sell or trade a street. You can not sell buildings to another player.

Property can be traded for cash, other property, and/or get-out-of-jail-free cards. The amount is dedicated y the player making the deal.

Property can be traded even if it is mortgaged.

When you received mortgaged property, either through trade or by bankrupting someone, you must immediately choose whether to unmortgage the property. or keep the mortgage and 10% of the mortgage value.


In this game, If don’t play smartly you immediately get bankrupt. As you play this game you get mastered and develop skills so you will not face bankruptcy.

If you are bankrupt, your buildings will e sold, all your assets will be mortgaged, then all of your money and properties will be transferred to the player to whom you owe the debt. you are then out of the game.

If you face bankruptcy due to debt owned by the bank, your properties will be unmortgaged by the bank and put up for auction.

Raising Money

If you owe money and can’t pay but if you are holding money more than your debt, then you will have to raise money by selling your assets. To do all these auto-resolve functions is useful it will resolve everything automatically. If you want to resolve it manually also you can do that.

UI of Monopoly MOD APK

Game Board: The central element of the UI is the game board itself, which resembles the physical Monopoly board. It consists of a square grid with various properties, spaces, and corners like “Go,” “Jail,” and “Free Parking.”

Player Tokens: Each player is represented by a unique token that moves around the game board as they take their turns. Common tokens include a top hat, dog, car, ship, and more.

Dice: A pair of virtual dice is used to determine how many spaces a player can move during their turn. Players tap to roll the dice, and the result is displayed on the screen.

Property Cards: When a player lands on an unowned property, its details are displayed in a property card. This card shows the property’s name, color group, purchase price, rent values, and any houses or hotels built on it.

Player Information: The UI typically includes a panel or area showing player information, such as their current balance, properties they own, and any cards they possess (like Chance or Community Chest cards).

Controls and Actions: Players can interact with the game using various controls, such as buttons for buying properties, building houses, trading, and managing their finances. The UI allows players to perform actions specific to their turn, such as ending the turn or initiating trade negotiations.

Chance and Community Chest Cards: The game includes special cards that players draw when they land on corresponding spaces. The UI displays the drawn card’s effect, which can vary from gaining money to paying fines or moving to different locations.

Monopoly-Themed Graphics: The UI often features Monopoly-themed graphics and animations, enhancing the visual appeal and creating a cohesive atmosphere reminiscent of the physical board game.

Chat or Multiplayer Functionality: In digital adaptations with multiplayer support, a chat function allows players to communicate with each other during the game, making it more engaging and interactive.

Settings and Menu: The UI provides access to settings, where players can adjust game rules, select different themes or boards, control sound, and real-estate empire and amass wealth in this classic and beloved board game!

Graphics and sound of the Monopoly apk


  • The graphics in the Monopoly APK are designed to mimic the classic Monopoly board game. The game board will resemble the familiar square grid with various properties, spaces, and corners like “Go,” “Jail,” and “Free Parking.”
  • The properties on the board are represented by colorful icons or illustrations, and each color group usually has a distinctive theme or style.
  • Player tokens are represented by small 3D or 2D models, and each player can choose from a variety of classic Monopoly tokens, such as a top hat, dog, car, ship, and more.
  • The user interface is intuitive and visually appealing, with clear icons and buttons to interact with the game.


  • The Monopoly APK typically features background music that sets the tone for the game, often with a cheerful and engaging soundtrack.
  • Sound effects accompany various actions in the game, such as rolling the dice, moving tokens on the board, purchasing properties, collecting rent, and drawing Chance or Community Chest cards.
  • The game may include voiceovers or announcers that provide commentary or instructions during the game.

what is the best strategy to win In Monopoly?

Winning at Monopoly requires a combination of strategic decision-making, smart financial management, and a bit of luck. While there’s no guaranteed strategy to win every game, the following tips can increase your chances of success:

Acquire Property Sets Early: Focus on acquiring complete color sets as soon as possible. Owning a full-color group allows you to build houses and later hotels, significantly increasing your rental income when opponents land on your properties.

Prioritize High-ROI Properties: Some properties have a higher return on investment (ROI) than others. Orange and red color groups, for example, offer excellent value for their purchase price. Acquiring these properties can yield higher profits compared to more expensive but less lucrative color groups.

Build Houses Strategically: Develop your properties evenly rather than concentrating all your houses on a single property. This way, you can maximize the number of times opponents will land on your developed properties, increasing your rental income.

Avoid Over-Developing: Be cautious about building hotels too quickly. When you have a full-color group, having four houses on each property is often more lucrative than upgrading to a hotel. Hotels can make it harder to obtain houses for other color groups.

Manage Your Cash Wisely: Keep a reserve of cash to cover potential expenses, such as rent, taxes, and auction bids. Avoid overspending on unnecessary purchases, and be ready to negotiate trades when necessary.

Strategic Trading: Use trading to your advantage. Make deals that benefit your long-term strategy, such as completing color sets, or acquiring properties needed by other players. Don’t trade away critical properties unless it greatly benefits your overall position.

Stay Out of Jail Strategically: Being in jail can limit your opportunities to land on valuable properties and make trades. Try to avoid staying in jail for too long. Use “Get Out of Jail Free” cards wisely and aim to roll doubles to get out quickly.

Know When to Mortgage: Mortgage properties when necessary to raise funds, but be cautious about mortgaging key properties in your color sets. Try to unmortgage them as soon as you have the cash.

Observe Your Opponents: Pay attention to your opponent’s strategies and financial situations. Adjust your gameplay accordingly, taking advantage of opportunities and anticipating their moves.

Stay Flexible: Be adaptable and open to different strategies. Circumstances can change rapidly in Monopoly, so staying flexible and adjusting your approach based on the game’s progress is essential.

How to Download And Install Monopoly MOD APK

Simply go to the download option and check the given links. check for the working links.

Download the apk file. install it on your phone and enjoy MONOPOLY MOD APK with all features unlocked.

Virus Total Report Of Monopoly MOD APK FILE

We provide only quality and virus-free apk files. Click here to see the full report of the Monopoly MOD apk File.

Monopoly mod apk
Screenshot virus total report of Monopoly mod apk


Monopoly’s enduring popularity is a testament to its timeless appeal and the joy it brings to players across generations. As a classic board game, it continues to bridge the gap between family members and friends, offering hours of fun, laughter, and friendly competition. Whether playing the physical board game or its digital version, Monopoly remains a symbol of togetherness and wholesome entertainment. So, gather your loved ones, roll the dice, and embark on an exciting journey to become the ultimate real-estate tycoon in Monopoly!

Gather a bunch of your friends and play Hasbro's classic family board game via in-game video chat! Become a tycoon, risk it all and be the best landlord on the board!

Download (550 MB)

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