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HealthifyMe – Calorie Counter
HealthifyMe – Calorie Counter

HealthifyMe – Calorie Counter

Weight Loss for Men & Women. Calorie Counter, Diet Plan, Home Workouts

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Name HealthifyMe – Calorie Counter
Publisher HealthifyMe
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Version 21.9.1
Update Aug 4, 2023
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HealthifyMe – Calorie Counter is the most famous version in the HealthifyMe – Calorie Counter series of publisher HealthifyMe
Mod Version 21.9.1
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HealthifyMe MOD APK. In this digital world, technology has become a companion to every human being. It is being used to enhance human life, make it simpler, and help access information. With the use of our smartphones, we can access this information in various forms like Web pages, Podcasts, Videos, and Apps.

Health apps have become very important in today’s hectic life. People don’t have any track of their health. With the help of health apps, we can easily track almost everything from water consumption to step count, sleep counter, and much more.

Today we are going to overlook one of the health apps called Healthify Me, Its features, benefits, and how it will help to achieve goals and tackle health issues.

What is HealthifyMe APP?

Healthify app is your health fitness companion, which comes with amazing features like a sleep tracker, steps count, weight loss tips, weight gain tips, Creating your meal plans according to your goals, and much more.

This app is developed by Healthify Me a Karnataka-based company in the year 2012 by an Indian founder Tushar Vashisht. This app has already millions of downloads and people are benefiting from it. If you want a health companion then stay tuned as we are going to cover every feature of this app.

Healthifyme Setup Guide

HealthifyMe MOD APK

Before we head on to its features we just get a quick look at the setup guide. These are the question sets created by this app to analyze your profile and your goals. This app will start sending you suggestions and notifications based on the information you put so give only the right information. It will ask you to fill up answers to simple questions like…..

What is your age?

This will determine how much you should consume

Where are you from?

This will help to personalize the app for you.

How tall are you?

This will help the app to calculate your body’s important stats and according to that it will create the health plan to achieve your goals faster.

What is your current weight?

Again weight is an important factor in our body, by using these inputs this app will monitor your progress.

What is your target weight?

set your target weight here if you want to lose or gain. If you are confused about what you want to achieve then this app will show you the ideal weight range for you from your added data n the same screen.

Any Medical conditions?

Here you need to select if you have any medical conditions like diabetes, thyroid, sleep issues, Physical Injuries, Depression, Loneliness, Anger issues, etc. This information will guide the app to help you in your fitness goals safely and quickly.

Note: You can skip this survey and start using the app too.

HealthifyMe MOD APK

Features of HealthifyMe APP

It is revolutionary health and fitness app with amazing features which will benefit our health life also it has a very user-friendly interface. With the help of AI, it will send you notifications and suggestions based on your activity and tracking. In this app, you get Coaching guidance, Diet Plan, Weight loss, Intermittent Fasting, Count calories option, Muscle Gain, and Home Workout.

Personalized Diet Plans:

Diet Personalization is very important because it applies to an individual with its unique nutritional needs. Following some random diet plan without having its reason could be catastrophic.

This app comes with an option of a personalized diet plan which analyzes your specific needs, calculates your age, weight, eating habits, and preferences, and based on that it will create a personalized diet plan for you. This personalized diet plan will ensure that you get the right balance of nutrients in your daily diet to achieve your goals faster.

Calorie Tracking:

Calorie tracking is very important in weight management. By having track of calorie intake users can get insights into their eating habits.

This app keeps every record of your food consumption and its records calorific values. Work on this data and analyze your eating habits to generate a detailed report on your calorie intake. With this report, users get an overview of his/her calorie intake and follow actions given by the app to have control over it.

HealthifyMe MOD APK

Exercise Routines:

Exercise routines have a huge impact on our physical fitness. Regular exercise increases strength and stamina and increases immunity and mental health.

This app has a vast variety of fitness routines and practices that are designed for people with different habits. Users can choose exercise routines according to their preferences. If are just a beginner or a fitness pro this app has exercise routines for everyone.

Nutrition Tracking:

when it comes to fitness Nutrition tracking is very important because it provides insights into the nutritional values of the food that you eat. With the advantage of these insights, users can change their food habits or can switch to healthier food choices. This app makes sure that users will get all the essential amounts of nutrients in the right quantity to fulfill their body’s nutritional requirements.

Health Monitoring:

It is a very important aspect of fitness. Having a regular track of your health will immediately help you to adjust your diet and your fitness program.

This app monitors users’ health by tracking steps, physical activities, and Distance walking, By analyzing this data users can get full details of stats on their daily activities. By analyzing this data users can make decisions on their daily activities and make adjustments to their daily routine.

HealthifyMe MOD APK

Coaching and Support:

With the help of this app, users can get access to certified health coaches, nutritionists, and fitness trainers, who can provide you with personalized guidance and support in your fitness journey. Their advice will help you in clearing all challenges, solve your health issues, and keep you motivated.

Community Interaction:

Helthifyme has a vast community of users, trainers, coaches, and nutritionists. Get interacted with them. With the help of the community, you can easily come to know what is trending. Discussing your issues in the community will solve your problem. Being in a community is always helpful as you learn new things every day.

Goal Setting and Progress Tracking:

This app comes with an amazing feature called goal tracking which allows user to set their goals, and user can track their progress throughout. Monitoring progress impacts human psychology and it helps users to be motivated. Progress tracking can be helped the user to increase the intensity of the workout to achieve results faster.

Recipe Library:

This app comes with a huge collection of healthy and tasty food recipes for your diet plan so the dieting will not be boring. With these recipes, the user is able to maintain his body’s nutritional values.

Water Intake Tracking:

while dieting being in fitness we are always advised to drink enough water and keep the body hydrated. Drinking water can be irritating. But this app’s water intake tracking feature will track users’ water intake and remind you about water drinking timings. With this feature users will never miss the water drinking time.

Sleep Tracker:

Sleep is a very important factor when it comes to workouts. In sleep, the body goes into maintenance mode, where all general maintenance is taken care of by the body automatically. But to make it happen users should get enough amount of sleep plus restful sleep.

The sleep tracker feature of this app provides users with all the essential insights to the user. This feature will track and monitor users sleeping patterns, sleep duration, deep sleep time, and energy levels. With all this essential data users can make adjustments to their sleep timing

Stress Management:

Stress management is very important in fitness because it can increase your fatigue level. Many scientific studies proved that a human who is under stress can not achieve 100% results.

To overcome this problem this app has a meditation techniques option that will guide you on how you can reduce stress. Reducing stress can be helpful in many ways. It will increase your ability to tackle your daily life obstacles, taking important decisions, and enhance your overall life.

What is HealthifyMe MOD apk

It is a mod version of the original app. Mod versions usually come with all premium features unlocked. where the user doesn’t have to pay any subscription charges.

Features Of HealthifyMe MOD APK

HealthifyMe MOD APK comes with all premium features unlocked with an unlimited subscription plan.

How to download HealthifyMe MOD APK?

To download this app scroll down and search for the download button.

Click on the download link and download the HealthifyMe MOD APK file.

Install it on your device and that is it. Start your fitness journey with the HealthifyMe mod apk.

Is HealthifyMe app AI based?

Yes, it is AI integrated app.

Is Healthifyme app good for weightloss?

If you are considering using this app or any other health app for weight loss it is always advised to consult a doctor.

Is Healthyfime app free?

NO this app comes with paid subscription plans. pricing is different according to country.

Free alternatives To Healthifyme APP?

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Sworkit Fitness & Workout App
mySugr – Diabetes Tracker Log

more games and apps

⭐ Improvements, bug fixes and performance enhancements

Download (47.73 MB+47 m)

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