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Firestone: An Idle Clicker RPG
Firestone: An Idle Clicker RPG

Firestone: An Idle Clicker RPG

Enjoy this Online Idle RPG with Royale-Battle, Hero collection, Guilds and PVP!

Android Android 5.0Games
4.3 ( 239 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Firestone: An Idle Clicker RPG
Publisher Holyday Studios
Genre Games
Size 153 MB
Version 1.94
Update Jul 14, 2023
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Firestone: An Idle Clicker RPG is the most famous version in the Firestone: An Idle Clicker RPG series of publisher Holyday Studios
Mod Version 1.94
Total installs Downloads 100,000+ downloads

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Firestone MOD APK


Firestone: Idle RPG is an endless fighting game that puts the desire for non-stop action in your hands: make your heroes fight well AFK and have a great fight show, or keep improving to defeat the bosses! Collect heroes, upgrade skills and equipment, chat with guildmates, or engage in PVP battles – the choice is yours!

Today, Firestone Idle RPG is one of the most popular products and is experiencing strong growth. This is a very unique game; the player will be the king who has the right to rule everything in the country.

However, life is not easy because of the fierce fighting from the neighboring kingdoms; it seems they want to take over my kingdom. This game will feature many great challenges and you will have to use all your strength to fight against all these evil enemies. Firestone Idle RPG: Hero Wars

 Firestone MOD APK StoreConquerorsBounty

🧙‍♂️ Hero Collection Firestone MOD APK


RageTalia • Boris • Asmondai 
• Danysa • Sely • Randal
EnergyBurt • Muriel • Astrid • Ina 
• Fini • Molly • Joe
ManaSolaine • Benedictus • Blaze 
• Luana • Valerius • Iseris • Belien • Layla

Build your team from wizards, knights, and archers: discover and unlock new heroes in exciting adventures, gradually improve skills and levels and send them to AFK battles!

Use all your abilities and your own abilities to build a powerful army to fight the war. Find out the clear enemy path to send hidden soldiers to destroy all the evil enemies.

Enjoy the taste of all the soldiers and add many new hero characters to help you fight. Develop a powerful weapon system and create a relationship with the battleship.

Bring back many soldiers and put the relationship between all the soldiers to participate in the next adventure.

Firestone MOD APK StoreQueensJewels

🧚 Rich fantasy RPG history Firestone MOD APK

Explore the kingdom of Alandria: From the eternal winter of Frostfire to the paradise of Tortuga Bay or the tropical ebony forest, your adventure will lead to magical visions everywhere. Dwarves and orcs, fairies, and even the undead will tell their stories, and there are rumors of dragons!

⚔️ Non-stop auto battles

Your heroes don’t sit idle, but you can: Sit and AFK as your chibi-style paladins, assassins, archers, and sorcerers escape and cut down waves of monsters, or speed up the fight by healing as a player and giving the zombie army a boost!

In Firestone Idle RPG, the player will be a king with enough power and all around. Your kingdom is living in peace, and you will probably develop the kingdom in many respects to come.

Firestone MOD APK EnchantedArsenal

And now, the enemy is trying to capture everything that belongs to you and conquer this beautiful kingdom. However, you won’t be left alone as you can rise up and fight and overcome the recovery. The first task you should pay attention to is to fight all the enemies.

The game requires you to be able to create your full potential with the support of the game to make it a victory. The game provides you with optimal weapons such as spears, lances, or even universal swords that can cut everything. The game will also help you choose the most decisive and definitive team. Firestone Idle RPG: War Hero

Firestone MOD APK GuardiansCache

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Lots of friendly games

Join Guild members and make new friends: In Firestone: Idle RPG, the power of social play leads to all guild members helping, increasing mission rewards, opening raids, and world quests. Or chat with other players!

⚔️ PVP Arena

Gather your team and fight endlessly in the arena. PVP with others and climb the leaderboards in Firestone: Idle RPG to show them who has the best skills!

💡Profound Progress

You will get a lot of effective battlefield cards to create a great battle. Players will also join their own army and fight all the enemies to the end.

Above all, you should keep track of the amount of blood and energy you have to avoid unnecessary losses. If you put all your strength and power, you will return to the starting position to give strength. Firestone Idle RPG will show you the weapons to use to conduct the right situation.

Firestone MOD APK PaladinsPledge

Players should also support teammates so that when they run strong, their teammates also get a boost. Players need to upgrade their weapon system to fight again.

In addition, it will help if you are also mentally prepared to drive all the enemies in different ways. That will help if you’re going to a new challenge to produce ideas for the game.

Perform AFK research and perform powerful racing missions or upgrade your heroes’ equipment: a large bonus can bring down powerful bosses and allow you to climb the Hero Wars leaderboard in the Arena of Kings. And many other features
Activities ⭐ Quests ⭐ Talent Tree ⭐ Alchemy ⭐ Mini Game Cards

Good luck and have fun fighting!

Firestone MOD APK WhisperOfHarmony

Use Hero Powers in Firestone MOD APK

The next thing you need to do is to find enthusiastic support from the heroes. Each participating hero will be a powerful hero who can defeat all important enemies.

Firestone Idle RPG requires you to be able to gather this power to attack all the enemies that appear in the kingdom. The game will also see you where the relationship between the heroes enters for the most important support.

Firestone MOD APK FSMap

After collecting strong heroes, you need to upgrade the armor system and protect the heroes. Everyone will have amazing fighting skills, and sometimes they will be immortal. This game is where they will show their full career and their own fighting experience.

Therefore, letting them show their skills and experience is what the game expects from you.

Firestone MOD APK Idle RPG: War Hero

Firestone MOD APK automatically saves every 2 minutes and can be saved manually from Settings. *Key features*
* Unlock heroes with unique gameplay and abilities
* Choose your hero configuration
* Assign a leader hero and gain their powers by controlling them with their own hands
* Search for ancient knowledge in the library
* Train and upgrade your supervisor
* Get a world map and send your team on missions for valuable rewards
* Get chests and equip your heroes with special equipment to improve your RPG character
* Earn gold by killing waves of enemies to upgrade your heroes
* Collect Firestones and restart the Prestige engine to continue

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Version 7.1.0

What’s new:

You can now see all the active and upcoming events on the new Events button in the main battle.
The Leaderboard has a new section for the Fellowship, cumulative heroes power and battle cry. Also the total awakening levels has been added on the personal leaderboard.
21 new Ancient artifacts have been added into the tavern.
There is a new animation for the guardian evolution.
For the full patch notes list visit:

Download (153 MB)

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