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YouTube Vanced (APK +30M)

Mod apk, Saturday, July 29, 2023

  • Premium Unlocked
  • Removed All Ads
  • Background Playback
  • Force HDR Mode
  • Override Max Resolution
  • Casting Toggle
  • Picture-in-Picture Video
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Vanced Youtube MOD APK. In today’s digital world, the smartphone has become a necessary gadget in human life.. And everyone watches videos online for many reasons like Getting information, watching the news, online courses, or even watching your favorite music or movie on youtube. But nowadays we are seeing ads before the actual video starts or in between the video and that impacts our video-watching experience.

Thanks to the Vance youtube app. It provides an ad-free experience to users along with a video player with powerful features.

What is Vanced Youtube MOD APK

Vanced Youtube MOD APK
Vanced Youtube MOD APK

Vanced youtube mod apk is an app similar to youtube app. This app does everything that youtube does except show ads. This app plays videos without ads it even removes sponsored or promotional content.

How Ads Ruin Our Video-Watching Experience:

Ads are becoming more vital in digital platforms and online video platforms these days. As users, every day we watch tons of ads and youtube is no exception for that. nowadays these ads are becoming more frustrating. it disturbs the flow of content, leading to disconnection from the topic. In some cases, these ads lead us to abandon the video. Also, repetitive ads can frustrate users and reduce the engagement with platform.

For content creators, ads have become their bread and butter, and it became a necessary ghost for funding their work and motivation. In other ways continues bombardments of ads will keep away users from fully appreciating the creator’s content. It affects the channel’s growth and sustainability.

The amazing feature of Vanced Youtube MOD APK

Ad-Free Video Experience:

Now don’t get disturbed while watching videos. This app brings you the ads-free experience of video watching. It has built ad-blocking settings which remove all ads and even sponsored content. Now the time is over for getting bored with ads.

Video Playback in Background

Using this amazing feature you can minimize the app and play the video in the background. So you can do multiple works on your phone. If you are watching the podcast or longer video of like 1 or 2 hours long and you just want to listen to it then you simply close the screen and lock your phone and the video is still playing in the background. It saves battery also. so a very useful feature and this is not available in YOUTUBE.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Support:

This app comes with full HDR support which improves your user experience. You can also change video quality according to your network quality and usage. The highest quality you get here is 1080p. You can even use the data saver mode which reduces your data consumption by 40%.

Unrestricted Video Resolution and Playback Speed:

Vanced Youtube MOD APK
Vanced Youtube MOD APK

With this amazing feature, you can take full control of your video. change the resolution, You can zoom in or zoom out with your 2 fingers. We also get an option for playback speed. Here we can speed up the video by 3X, yes on youtube you only speed up to 2X. So yes definitely an amazing add on

Different themes to choose from

Customize the theme of your app using this feature. This app has options for dark and black themes. This is my personal favorite feature because the bright themes make your eyes pain and increase stress on eyes, while dark or black themes never use bright background lights so your eyes don’t get stressed.

Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Mode:

This feature increases your multitasking ability while watching the video. This mode plays your video in a smaller window while using other apps, making this app very handy.

Video auto-repeat:

This Auto-repeat feature gives you the facility of repeating the video with just one setting.

Love a particular video? Set it on auto-repeat and let it play again and again.

Swipe Controls for Volume and Brightness:

Vanced Youtube MOD APK
Adjust Brightness From Left Side

This feature gives you immediate control over changing the volume and brightness of the video rather than finding which side is your volume rocker or swiping down and up to change the brightness from the setting tray. You can change the volume and brightness in between the video is still playing by swiping up and down,

left side swipe up and down for brightness

right side swipe up and down for volume

Fast Video Seeking

This feature allows you to adjust the parameters of your seeking time. you can change the Double tap seeking time from 5 seconds to 30 seconds in double click

Other Features

Vanced Youtube MOD APK
Vanced Youtube MOD APK

Apart from that you get the option of the history of your watched videos.

Watch later option which allows you to mark your video and keep it aside to watch later.

Liked videos-this option keeps aside all your liked videos so they are easily accessible to watch again and again

playlist- This feature will allow you to create a playlist of your videos you can make a movie playlist to a music playlist or make a playlist of songs from different artists.


Pros And Cons Of Vance Youtube MOD APK

Ad Blocking Feature

Pros: This feature eliminates ads and improves the video-watching experience.

Cons: Ad blocking definitely impacts in ads revenue for content creators.

Background Playback:

Pros: Vanced YouTube allows users to play videos in the background, enabling multitasking without compromising audio content.

Cons: For videos requiring constant visual attention, background playback might not be the ideal choice.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Support:

Pros: This feature is useful for devices not supporting the HD feature in youtube.

Cons: Limited device compatibility may restrict access to the HDR feature.

Unrestricted Video Resolution and Playback Speed:

Pros: Users have the flexibility to customize their video experience by adjusting resolution and playback speed to their preference.

Cons: Lowering the resolution for data savings may compromise video quality.Theme Customization:

How to Download and Install Vanced Youtube MOD APK

Enable the Unknown Sources option from your setting menu and allow the installation of third-party apps.
Click on the download button

You will redirect to the download page

wait for the timer to finish and generate your link

choose available Link options for download

If the download does start or redirects you to another page please try another link

Download Vanced YouTube Mod APK:

Installation guide: Follow the on-screen instructions. Once the app is installed on your phone, launch the Vanced YouTube app and enjoy ad-free videos and its unique features.


Vanced YouTube Mod APK has emerged as a powerful tool for reclaiming control over our video-watching experience. By eliminating ads and offering exciting features, it has redefined entertainment on online video platforms. Embrace this ad-free revolution and immerse yourself in uninterrupted video streaming with Vanced YouTube Mod APK.

Virus Total Report Of Vanced Youtube MOD APK File

Screenshot 2023 07 29 143227

Click here to see the complete virus total report of this file. before downloading any app from a third-party website always check the file on virus total it is free to use and helps to prevent viruses to get into your phone.

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