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Ibis Paint MOD APK
Ibis Paint MOD APK

Ibis Paint MOD APK

Share the joy of painting with ibis Paint X! Drawing anime and manga art.

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Name ibis Paint MOD APK
Publisher ibis inc.
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Update Sep 12, 2023
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ibis Paint MOD APK is the most famous version in the ibis Paint MOD APK series of publisher ibis inc.
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ibis Paint X MOD APK

In the digital age, creative expression knows no bounds, thanks to the plethora of apps designed to unleash your artistic potential. One such gem is Ibis Paint X, a widely acclaimed and versatile drawing application that has taken the art world by storm.

With over 280 million downloads, it’s evident that this app has struck a chord with artists, both amateur and professional, across the globe. In this SEO-friendly article, we’ll delve deep into the myriad features and functionalities that make Ibis Paint X an indispensable tool for artists of all levels.

The Power of Brushes

At the heart of any drawing application lies its brushes, and Ibis Paint X doesn’t disappoint. It boasts an extensive library of over 15,000 brushes, encompassing a diverse range of styles. Whether you’re into traditional mediums like dip pens, felt-tip pens, and charcoal brushes or digital tools like airbrushes and stamps, Ibis Paint X has you covered.

What sets it apart is the level of customization available – you can fine-tune parameters such as thickness, opacity, and brush angle. These quick adjustments are accessible via intuitive sliders, allowing you to see real-time brush previews as you work.

Layers Unleashed

For artists, managing layers is crucial, and Ibis Paint X doesn’t skimp on this aspect. You can add an unlimited number of layers, each with individual settings for opacity, blending modes, and more. The app features a handy clipping tool for precise image manipulation within your artwork.

Additionally, there’s an array of layer commands like duplication, inversion, rotation, and zooming in/out, simplifying your creative process. To keep your work organized, you can assign names to different layers, ensuring a seamless workflow.

Materials, Filters, and Screentones

Ibis Paint X goes beyond brushes and layers. With over 15,000 materials at your disposal, you can enhance your artwork with unique textures and elements. There are also 80 filters to add artistic effects and modify your creations as desired. When it comes to shading and texture, 46 screentone options provide a range of choices to achieve the desired visual impact.

Recording Your Artistic Journey

A standout feature of Ibis Paint X is the ability to record your drawing process as a video. This is invaluable for artists who wish to share their techniques, tutorials, or simply document their creative journey. The app fosters a community where users can learn from each other’s drawing process videos, adding a collaborative dimension to your artistic endeavors.

Rulers and Clipping Masks

Precision is key in art, and Ibis Paint X understands that. The app offers various ruler features, including radial line rulers and symmetry rulers, enabling you to create intricate and symmetrical designs with ease. Clipping masks provide a hassle-free way to clip and mask images within your artwork, allowing for seamless integration of different elements.

Purchase Plans and Prime Membership

Ibis Paint X offers various purchase plans, including a free version (Ibis Paint X) and a paid version. The primary difference between these is the presence of ads. For an ad-free experience, you can opt for the “Remove Ads Add-on.” However, to unlock more advanced features, there’s the option of a Prime Membership, available on a monthly or yearly plan. Prime members gain access to a host of premium features, including:

  • 20GB of Cloud Storage: Safeguard your artwork and access it from anywhere.
  • Prime Materials: Exclusive materials to take your creativity to the next level.
  • Prime Canvas Papers: Premium canvas options for a superior drawing experience.
  • Prime Fonts: A vast library of fonts to add text to your creations.
  • Tone Curve Filter: Fine-tune the tones and colors in your artwork.
  • Gradation Map Filter: Create stunning gradients and effects.
  • Levels Adjustment Filter: Perfect the lighting and contrast in your art.
  • Replace Color Filter: Easily modify colors in your artwork.
  • Clouds Filter: Add realistic cloud effects to your creations.
  • Reordering Artworks in My Gallery: Organize and showcase your portfolio effortlessly.
  • Ad-Free Experience: Enjoy an uninterrupted drawing experience.


In a world where digital art reigns supreme, Ibis Paint X stands out as a powerhouse drawing application that caters to the needs of artists from all walks of life. With its impressive array of brushes, layers, materials, and recording capabilities, it offers a comprehensive platform for artistic expression.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to explore your creative side or a seasoned artist seeking a versatile digital canvas, Ibis Paint X has the tools and features to inspire and elevate your artistry. So, unlock your creativity, join the global community of Ibis Paint X users, and embark on a journey of artistic exploration like never before.


[New Features]
- Added Animation function.
- Added Brush Search function.
- Added Material Search function.
- Added "Background Removal" filter to the "AI" filter category.
- Added "Spin Blur" filter to the "Blur" filter category.
- Added "Retro Game" filter to the "Artistic" filter category.
- Added "History" category to filter and adjustment layers.

[Fixed Bugs and Problems]
- Fixed app name in R2L lang.

For more details, see: https://ibispaint.com/historyAndRights.jsp?newsID=78536238


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