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ILovePDF: PDF Editor & Scanner
ILovePDF: PDF Editor & Scanner

ILovePDF: PDF Editor & Scanner

PDF Tools. Sign, edit and convert PDF

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Name iLovePDF: PDF Editor & Scanner
Publisher iLovePDF
Genre Tools
Size 165 MB
Version 3.4.0
Update Jun 30, 2023
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iLovePDF: PDF Editor & Scanner is the most famous version in the iLovePDF: PDF Editor & Scanner series of publisher iLovePDF
Mod Version 3.4.0
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In today’s world, we are moving from using paper to digital documents. As technology evolved the pay of using paper has changed and everything became digital. The documents became digital the signature became digital. And another way it has reduced the use of paper. And paper production has a significant impact on nature.

In older days we used to scan documents with big scanning machines. These machines were not affordable for everyone’s pocket.  plus the maintenance of these machines Was very expensive. But now we have apps on our phones which can do all of the things like scanning documents by using the phone’s camera and making them into PDFs.

Today I am going to discuss on such app called I Love PDF.  this is a great PDF scanning and formatting app that comes with various features a user-friendly interface and very fast results.

What is I love PDF app? I Love PDF MOD APK

I Love PDF app is an app that provides services like PDF scanning, image-to-PDF converter,   documents, and other PDF formatting operations. this is a very handy app of 23 MB size and is available for Android and iPhone. This app is developed by I love PDF company which is located in Barcelona Spain.

Features  I love the pdf app

This app comes with very handy features 

User-friendly interface

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As soon as you install and open the app you will be asked for all of the permission and you just simply permission to start the scanning PDF and formatting.

The user interface is very simple where all the options are separated into different sections and easy to use

Fast processing

This app comes with very fast processing where you can scan your PDF by using your phone camera and this app will immediately convert any image to the PDF.

Inbuilt file manager

This app comes within the build file manager from where you can directly access your pDF saved on your device. In the file section, you can see internal storage, your downloads, and your process to files listed in a category format.


Access cloud file

From the file section itself, you can Excess your cloud files and import them into this app. You get access to your Google Drive dropbox one drive and share point, so there are lots of cloud computing options available. If you are using cloud storage so excessively that you are storing your PDF in Big numbers then this feature is very useful to you.

Excessive tools

Now this is a big topic to discuss because of 27 different PDF formatting tools which we will be discussing one by one and step by step

Merge PDF-

Using this option you can merge multiple PDF files into one PDF file. For example if you have a passport of 36 pages you have scanned each page. So you have 36 different PDF files. Using this option you can merge all passport pages into 1 file and save it as a passport PDF so whenever you will required your passport PDF for any purpose you have your all passport pages merged in most in one 5 1file.

Split PDF –

This is an option to split a big document or PDF file into various PDF pages. Suppose you have one big article having so many subheadings. If you want to make a separate PDF for each subheading you can easily do this using this option.

Compress PDF.

This option will help you to compress your PDF into small sizes. Suppose you have a bigger file of any PDF document and you want to reduce its size you can easily do this using the compress PDF option.

PDF to Word-

if you have a PDF document and you want to convert this document into Word format so that you can easily edit it according to your need, then you can use this option PDF to Word this will easily convert your PDF document into editable Word format which can be further formatted in Microsoft word or any other word application


PDF to PowerPoint.

If you have a PDF of presentation and you want to make it up Power presentation out of it this option will help you to make PDF convert to PowerPoint file format so later you can easily use this PPT file for a presentation in PowerPoint application.

Pdf to Excel,

If you have data stored in a pdf file which has to be presented in a tabular form then you can use this option to make your PDF file into Excel format. After converting the document into an Excel file you can easily use this file to format for Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet application

Word to PDF-

If you have a Word document to be converted into PDF then you have this option Word to PDF is very handy in this application. you can easily convert your Word documents into PDF files.

PowerPoint pdf-

This is the opposite of PDF to PowerPoint option where you can easily convert your power PPT file into PDF file.

Excel to PDF-

Clearly we have seen the pdf to Excel feature of this app. This is totally the opposite of this feature. Where you can easily convert your Excel spreadsheets into PDF format.

Edit PDF-

Now this is really interesting, editing PDF requires PDF editing application which usually comes with paid subscription but this app provides you edit PDF feature for free.

Pdf to jpg-

You can convert your PDF file into jpg format very easily. If you have pictures in your PDF file and you want them to be in JPG format, then you can easily do this by using the pdf to jpg option available in this app.

Image to PDF-

Again the flagship feature of this app, image to PDF will allow you to convert your images in PDF format. You can use your existing document pictures directly from the gallery or you can click the picture from the app to convert into PDF.


Page number-

If you have a big PDF file including so many pages without having the page numbers then this feature will help you to numbering the pages. And it will do it in just one click. Whereas in the traditional style you need to go to every page and type the page number manually which is so much hectic and time taking. So obviously this picture will help you to save your time.

Watermark –

Using this feature you can apply watermark on your PDF pages. If you want to add any text as a watermark you can simply type the text you get the option to choose the font font size font color watermark position its transparency rotation, and even you can get the option to apply the watermark on the selected pages only. You can use your logo or any image’s watermark also, directly select the image from the gallery and change the transparency and apply it to all of your pages.

Rotate PDF-

If you have PDF which has a wrong orientation you can easily rotate the PDF using the rotate PDF option.

Unlock PDF-

If you have a PDF file which has the protection on it or password protected PDF file, then you can easily unlock it using unlock PDF option

Lock PDF-

You can easily convert your normal PDF file into password protected PDF file using this lock PDF option.

Organize PDF-

This option will I love you to organize all your PDF files, in the way you want if you want to arrange them by date, or in alphabetical order, oldest filed on top, newest file on top, recently edited, then you can use this option to organize your file.

Repair pdf-

If you think the PDF file is damaged or needs to be repaired then this option will help you repair your PDF. Just select the file and select the repair pdf option this app will automatically detect the things which have to be repaired in the pdf and automatically start the processing of repair. And producer new document for you.

Sign pdf-

If you have pDF file which has so many pages to be signed then this option will help you to sign your pages, very easily and very fast. Just save your signature picture only one time and use it whenever you want to sign the document.

Extract txt-

You can use this option to extract text from the PDF file, suppose you have a PDF file which has very long text or information and you just want smaller part from that PDF text then you can use this option and select the text which needs to be extracted and simply press okay. The selected text from the PDF file will be extracted in a text format.

Create PDF-

You can create a new PDF using this option.

Ocr PDF –

This is a optical character recognition, this this feature will over look your document and identify the language of the pDF file.


I love image tools

This app is not only the PDF formatting app but also you can use it for image formatting also. This app has for image converting tools along with the PDF tools so that you don’t have to install any other App for basic image formatting.

Compress image-

This tool will help you to compress your image size without changing its quality, if you have a photo to be uploaded in a given criteria or file limitation size then you can use this tool to convert the image into required file size.

Convert to jpg-

This feture will convert all of your images into a gpg format just select the image from the file manager and use convert to jpg button.

Convert from JPG-

You can use this option to convert your JPG file into any other image format like webp, SVG, png, avif, or tiff image format.

Resize image-

Use this option to resize your images into various sizes like 1.1, landscape, portrait, or you can even customize the height and weight of the image and resize it.

FAQ about iLovePDF

Is iLovePDF available for Android devices?

Yes, iLovePDF is available for Android smartphones and tablets via the Google Play Store.

What are the subscription options for iLovePDF Premium?

iLovePDF Premium offers both annual and monthly subscription plans.

How can I manage or cancel my subscription?

Users can manage and discontinue their iLovePDF Premium subscriptions through their Google Play Store account settings.

In conclusion,

The iLovePDF app serves as a comprehensive tool for modern document management. Its ability to scan, convert, edit, and organize PDFs directly from your Android device makes it an invaluable asset for anyone seeking a paperless and efficient approach to document handling. Embrace the digital era and boost your productivity with iLovePDF.


Effortlessly convert scanned documents and images into searchable and editable PDF with the new OCR PDF tool.

Immerse yourself in seamless reading experiences with right-to-left language support. Enjoy smooth navigation and readability for Arabic, Hebrew, and more languages.

We've addressed various reported issues to ensure a stable and reliable performance. Experience enhanced reliability and improved app functionality.

Download (165 MB)

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