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Free Star Wars Jedi Survivor Apk Download स्टार वार्स
Free Star Wars Jedi Survivor Apk Download स्टार वार्स

Free Star Wars Jedi Survivor Apk Download स्टार वार्स

May the Force be With You! Unlock & battle with your favorite Star Wars™ heroes.

Android Android 5.0Adventure
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Name Free Star Wars Jedi Survivor Apk Download स्टार वार्स
Genre Adventure
Size 96 MB
Version 0.33.1346
Update Jul 7, 2023
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Free Star Wars Jedi Survivor Apk Download स्टार वार्स is the most famous version in the Free Star Wars Jedi Survivor Apk Download स्टार वार्स series of publisher ELECTRONIC ARTS
Mod Version 0.33.1346
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Free Star Wars Jedi Survivor Apk Download.

Star Wars this name has an extreme sci-fi kind of influence on everyone who is interested in galaxies and alien life. Star Wars was always part of our childhood. We spent time watching these movies and reading comics, which was great fun.

As technology evolved Star Wars also evolved their films became more futuristic with high-quality graphics and sound effects. And when smartphones came into everyone’s hands star wars launched smartphone games for Android, iOS, and various other platforms.

Today we will talk about one of the popular games from star wars: Star Wars: Jedi Survivor. We will discuss its features, how to download it, and some important frequently asked questions.

What Is Star Wars

Star Wars is an American multimedia franchise founded by George Lucas in 1977. Star Wars is also known as epic space opera. This kind of film was way ahead of the future in the 70s and became so popular. Because of its popularity, the company produced various films in this category. They have started TV series, Novels, Comics, and much more.

What Is Star Wars Jedi Survivor

As we discussed earlier after gaining popularity company has entered various markets and smartphone games are one of them. Star Wars Jedi Survivor is becoming more popular these days. This game comes under the action and adventure category.

The game was released on platforms like PlayStation, windows PC, and X box. People from all over the world love Star Wars But everyone not afford to buy play station or Xbox. So we have a gift for you now you can play this game on your smartphone too. Yes, and it is Free Star Wars Jedi Survivor Apk Download.

Free Star Wars Jedi Survivor Apk Download Features

Five years after the events of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Cal Kestis has lived with his decision to make the identity of children who have strong feelings away from the Empire by destroying the Jedi Holocron. However, the Sith Inquisitors are still chasing him and trying to stay ahead of them in the fight for his survival. With no one to oppose the Galactic Empire, Cal and his droid companion, BD-1, must go to extreme lengths to protect himself and those he loves.

Large Open Planets

This amazing game offers you to explore many different action-packed worlds and environments during Cal’s exploration. Most areas were turned into long searching corridors and paths with a few deviations to find cosmetic chests and collectibles. In this game, you can see Large explorable areas, and Cal will be exploring these areas with the help of collectibles and other items.

To explore these areas cal has to use local fauna and gliders to explore the larger areas quickly. Fast Travel is the newly added feature in this edition which was missing in the last edition. Certain planets and areas will expand from time to time as Cal develops and upgrade powers.

One more new feature is added where Cal has the ability to locate the forgotten Jedi meditation chambers across the galaxy. These levels in the game where Cal has to use his knowledge and force to complete and get useful perks and rewards.

Lightsaber Combats and Perspectives

Initially, Cal has to start with a single saber but later as he improves he gets saber staff and he can detach into dual sabers for certain attacks where he has to use different strategies.

In this game, Cal gets the opportunity to learn new stances. Apart from having a distinct stance, double-bladed staff, and dual saber, he can learn 2 more stances which are crossguard stance and unconventional blaster style which has unique different properties for different attack strategies.

The use of stances are depend upon different targets far or near and depends upon targets also. Cal gets only 2 stances to equip at one time so again it is a little strategic. Cal has to know about opponents’ powers and abilities to beat it.

Upgrades in Force powers

Cal has upgrades in force powers where he can pick up enemies and slam on the ground with more force. He can use enemies as a shield to defend the enemy fire. Cal has the ability to use mind tricks to slow down enemies in combat.

A New Ally

In this game can have a new companion And his name is Board of Pune. He will be different from your other friends instead of fighting with you he will remaining the safe zone and herbs conversing with you and helping you out through the missions.

This companion does not have any force powers. he will help you to fight against the empire’s power. with the help of jetpacks, ragged attacks, and close combat combo attacks he will help the cal.

To use this companion cal has to give certain commands.  bode can engage the Enemies and keep them occupied. Even when you are not giving him any command he will do his moves and support according to your Force power and attacks. With the help of Bode, you can increase the impact of your attack on the enemies.

He is a very good companion for Cal and he will be helping you throughout the journey.  but he will be not always around you in certain attacks.  so make the right use of him whenever he is around you and use his abilities to find the enemies.

All Collectibles

In this game, you will find hundreds of collectibles across the journey and planets. This includes cosmetic chests, other different chess data banks force tears, and treasure. Below is detailed information on the collectibles you will find in this game.

Coruscant Collectibles
Coruscant Cosmetic ChestsCoruscant Stim Canister ChestsCoruscant EssencesCoruscant Databank Finds
Coruscant Priorite Shards
Koboh Collectibles
Koboh Cosmetic ChestsKoboh EssencesKoboh Stim Canister ChestsKoboh Force Tear Locations
Koboh Databank FindsKoboh Priorite ShardsKoboh Datadiscs
Jedha Collectibles
Jedha Cosmetic ChestsJedha Health Stim ChestsJedha EssencesJedha Force Tears
Jedha Databank FindsJedha Scroll Locations
Shattered Moon Collectibles
Shattered Moon Cosmetic ChestsShattered Moon Health Stim ChestsShattered Moon EssencesShattered Moon Force Tears
Shattered Moon Databank FindsShattered Moon Datadiscs
Nova Garon Collectibles
All Nova Garon Cosmetic ChestsAll Nova Garon EssencesAll Nova Garon Databank FindsAll Nova Garon Priorite Shards
Endgame Collectibles
All Tanalorr Databank FindsAll Untracked Post-Game Databank Finds

Fight With More Ans Powerful Enemies

In this game, you will find some fears and Immortal Enemies to fight with.  you will find Enemies who take on multiple forms. These Enemies are the main obstacles in your Star Wars journey. Sometimes these Enemies are more powerful than you and to defeat them you need to use special powers and strategies according to your opponent.

The Rancher

LocationKoboh, Sodden Grotto
Skills RequiredNone, but Jump Dash is recommended
RewardShatter Perk
GuideHow to Defeat the Rancor

The Golden Skriton

LocationJedha, Desert Ridge
Skills RequiredNone
RewardUnfliching Perk
GuideHow to Defeat the Golden Skriton

The Sutaban Alpha

LocationJedha, Crypt of Uhrma
Skills RequiredNone
RewardGambler Perk
GuideHow to Defeat the Sutaban Alpha

The Mire Terror

Free Star Wars Jedi Survivor Apk Download.
image – ign.com
LocationKoboh, Viscid Bog
Skills RequiredNone, but higher skills are recommended
RewardStim Canister
GuideHow to Defeat the Mire Terror

The Vile Bilemaw

Free Star Wars Jedi Survivor Apk Download.
image- ign.com
LocationKoboh, Fogged Expanse
Skills RequiredNone, higher skills recommended
RewardFortitude Perk
GuideHow to Defeat the Vile Bilemaw

How To Download Free Star Wars Jedi Survivor Apk Download?

Just find the download link below. Click on the download button. Download the file into your device and start playing the game that’s it.


BONUS ZONE - Experience the epic adventure of Cal Kestis and Jedi: Fallen Order with a new Bonus Zone themed around Zeffo in the Rise the Empire Territory Battle.

FLEET LOADOUTS - Manage your fleets quickly with the new Fleet Loadouts tool. Save your combination of best ships and deploy the entire fleet with the press of a button.

TERRITORY BATTLE STATS - Expanded the stats screen with more in-depth information so you can check your progress on the current Territory Battle.

Download (96 MB)

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