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BitLife MOD APK Life Simulator
BitLife MOD APK Life Simulator

BitLife MOD APK Life Simulator

A super fun life simulator where YOU control what happens with your choices!

Android Android 5.0Simulation
4.4 ( 809 ratings )
Price: $0
Name BitLife MOD APK life simulator
Publisher Candywriter
Genre Simulation
Size 171 MB
Version 3.10.2
Update Aug 11, 2023
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BitLife MOD APK life simulator is the most famous version in the BitLife MOD APK life simulator series of publisher Candywriter, LLC
Mod Version 3.10.2
Total installs 10,000,000+ downloads

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BitLife MOD APK. With the advancement of technology, simulation games have become more realistic. They are a loaded package of high-quality graphics and environments that gives you very realistic gameplay. Today we are going to discuss real human-life simulation games. This game is called Bitlife- Life Simulation. We are going to discuss each and everything about this game, its features, and gameplay so let’s get started.

What is Bitlife – Life Simulator

Bitlife- Life Simulator is a simulation game designed for people who love realistic gameplay. This game has covered all human life aspects in this game. This game has 100s of interactive simulation features related to day-to-day human life.

Features OF Bitlife- Life Simulator

Game Story

This game is a totally discoverable game, there is no set of rules like other games where you have to follow the rules to win the game or complete the level. In this game, the user can shape the game and story by using his own logic and how he/she lives his life.

Your story starts right from a sperm, from here itself you have you start shaping your life. You will get all the options related to your character. Choose the options you like make your own decisions and you will come to know about its results. As you grow and your age increases every time you get a situation where you have to select an answer from 3 options and depending on your answers your personality develops.

Stats for evaluation

BitLife MOD APK.

In this game, players have to perform various actions and make decisions that will affect the player’s life, and these impacts can see in your personal stats.


This is one of the most important stats as it determines your happiness tiers. Whilst you’re staying satisfied, matters could likely take place your way and you’ll sense extra fulfillment when doing things. However, having low happiness could mean that your characters could possibly be afflicted by melancholy. This makes him/her grow to be much less effective in each interest that he/she is collaborating in.


This shows your health stats in percentage, initially, you get above 90% of health, and as you answer the questions while your age is growing depending on your actions your health percentage will increase or decrease. Here you get a chance to shape your personality and it totally depends on how you react in a given situation.


Here you can see your smartness initially it is very low when I started playing this game and answered 5 questions my smartness was 19%. Asa 5 year old kid you are not that smart as an adult. Again to increase smartness % you need to answer questions very smartly.


This is the percentage of your looks means how you look. In earlier stages of this game, this can be ignored. But as you grow you will get the situation to increase your look %.

Detailed Activity Log

BitLife MOD APK.

As you grow there are so many options to explore. Not only the questions to answer but real life situations also. You can read books, and watch movies and all that activities are included in this game which you do at certain ages in your life.

There are certain situations, suppose you pick up a book to read you can read it or abandon it or there are options that will divert your mind from reading example watching a movie instead.

Goals To Achieve

As you play and proceed forward in this game You get so many goals to achieve. And when you accomplish these goals you get rewards like collectibles. You get a chance to own them all. You get accessories, artifacts, career goals, live challenges, treasures, and ribbons. The vastness of this game can not be explained in this article. It will be more exciting when you download this game and play it yourself.

MOD Features

The MOD version of this game comes with no ads whereas in the original game, you get so many ads to see. Citizenship and god mode are unlocked.



Greetings, Bitizens! This update contains some bug fixes and maintenance to support our BLACK MARKET EXPANSION PACK!

We've also added a few new features to the expansion pack:

• New achievements!
• Use weapons purchased from the Black Market!
• Visit the Auction Houses by opening the Assets menu!
• Rename your museum whenever you want!
• Much more!

Keep those screenshots and bug reports coming and, as always, check out our socials for more information and updates!

Download (171 MB)

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